If you have children or grandchildren, you may see a sparkle of mischief, or a request for ice-cream or even a look of rebellion because it is bed time!

Here at the home, we have children whose faces show every sign of life’s ups and downs. From sadness to joy.

Why sadness? Well, it is because some have no parents, no hope and no idea of what’s happening next.

Why joy? Because we show them love, compassion and give them a hope and with your help we can give them good nutritious food, warmth in the winter cold and all they need to grow into stronger, able children.

BUT, we can only do that with you alongside us:

Please consider pledging R100 a month to make a difference in the life of a needy child.

We know you will often be asked to support worthwhile causes. Yet, we exist to make a LONG-TERM difference to our children. Just imagine how it must feel, as a small child, to feel no-one loves you or cares. And then someone comes along and provides all you need to grow strong and healthy – all in a loving environment.

Well, that is what we do, every minute of every day, of every week, month and year. Because we love the children and want them to know what growing up in a loving environment is like and for them to have good memories when they mature. To know that people out there have cared for them.

Invest in a little life now please:

Just R100 per month will help develop quality bodies, minds and lives. Think of it this way, if you gave up three cups of coffee a month, then that  R100 would go towards helping little lives grow into bigger and better lives. Please support us in this and invest in a little life today by pledging a monthly donation.

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