We would like to thank everyone for the donations of water that we have been receiving since the water crises in Cape Town made it’s headway. We received assistance through Disaster Management for non –potable water, that we will be using for the cisterns/ lawn , Still water through Waterwise –and water4capetown donated 2 x 2500litre Jo-Jo tanks and 50 x 5 litre bottles. This is besides the efforts wrt donations of water from Gift of the givers and the water and hand sanitisers from Dis-chem foundation. No Flush from Albex to spray in toilets to lessen flushing – All this is besides our combined efforts of the staff/children carrying the bottles of water to the bathroom on a daily basis, our staff having to educate the children why not to waste water and the concerted efforts of staff to use the laundry grey water for the lawn and the garden ensuring a green lawn for the children to play on.


The water consumption is monitored daily and now we are able to keep track and ensure that City of Cape town billing is based on an actual reading instead of an estimation.





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