On Tuesday 20 September 2016, Johnson and Johnson Consumer colleagues, in collaboration with their Cape Town Care Team, took part in a Care Day at our home.

Volunteers helped out in a variety of ways on the day, which included admin duties, cleaning, a vegetable garden ‘makeover’ as well as playtime with the kids. A number of colleagues also contributed generously towards the home leading up to the event.

The Care Day was coordinated by Simone Mahlert-Stewart from Johnson and Johnson and thanked everyone involved for their support in making this day a success: “Life is busy and filled with daily demands, and one can easily overlook that it is the small things in life that can make a difference and bring joy,” mentioned Simone. “Our Care Day at Christine Revell Children’s Home enabled colleagues to make a difference in the life of others, and colleagues generously contributed towards the day.  Thank you, J&J colleagues, for your contributions and volunteering your time!”

In addition these were some comment from volunteers who participated on the day:

“It truly was a GREAT day! The memories will stay with me for a long time to come. I am now even more committed to doing what I can for those less fortunate.”

 “A BIG THANK YOU for arranging today’s volunteer opportunity.  What a great place – filled with people who do amazing work and more than 40 gorgeous babies and children.  Had a great time and was really uplifted by my interactions with the kids.”

Product Donation List – MIXED J&J BOX
9 reg wipes
2 gentle wipes
5 gentle soaps large & 4 small
3 frag fee jelly small
2 aloe jelly medium & 1 lightly frag medium
3 gentle wash
 9 fresh baby powder small + 2 medium 
2 norm baby powder large + 2 bedtime large
6 reg baby oil, 1 bedtime & 2 aloe oil
3 top to toe wash, 2 bedtime bath
5 conditioner soft & shiny, 1 reg shamp & 2 relax shamp
3 easy comb soft &shiny spray
Box of A4 paper
Pastel coloured 100 * 2
Laminating sheets 100
Koki pack of 12
Permanent markers 10
Plastic selves
Lever Arch files (20)
Envelopes (+-100)
Scotch tape (5)
Bic Blue & Red pens (10)
Plastic paper for wrapping file * 5
Wrapping paper for wrapping file – brown paper * 5
Big blue stoage boexs on wheels *2 (used)
Kids Activity Gifts
Balls (large & small) * 10 + 10 and 2 footballs, 4 orange cones
Hula Hoops * 10
Bubbles 50 (part of party pack)
 5 * soft toys for babies
Playdough, rolling pins, shapes…
Bean bags, skipping ropes, 
Reading books (donated used)
Street chalk
Cleaning products
buckets * 2, mop, clothes, black bags
cleaning liquid
Fruit & Custard (4) for snack / dessert (Apples * 5, orange * 1, 20 bananas)
Party snacks -cake, flings, marshmellow fish, juices
Food clothes (box)
Plastic food bowls with lid * 2
Food garden
makeover & 12 month maintenance contract
wire fence onto existing garden fence


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