During the month of April we were unfortunate to experience two unpleasant incidents. We highlight them here in order for our visitors to be aware and take the necessary precautions when visiting our home.

In the first incident visitors from PathCare came with a donation of snacks for the children. They parked their vehicle outside the gate, leaving a handbag visible – the vehicle was broken into and the handbag was stolen.

In the second incident one week later one of our foster parents came to fetch the new addition to their family. They came in high spirits, excited to take Baby N home. While they were inside making all the arrangements their car was broken in to and a bag removed. All their travelling documents, ID and court documents, as well as a camera, were in this bag.

The joyful moment of happiness was clouded by this sad incident. It is very distressing when criminals strike, and the necessity of having to replace all the stolen documents is a tiresome and costly process.

It is therefore imperative that all visitors to our home are aware of incidents such as these in order to prevent more of them happening. When you come to visit the home, please park inside the premises, not outside and ensure the gates are closed behind you when you leave. Also please either hide all valuables and bags or take them inside with you.
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