One of our volunteers has taken on a task many of us would shy away from – running the Two Oceans marathon. Lucyanne is not just doing this for her own pleasure (can one call it pleasure?), but wants it to mean more: she wants it to mean something for the children of Christine Revell Children’s Home.

This is her call to action – will you help?

Two Oceans marathon for children's homeMy First Two Oceans Ultra Marathon…

Running and reading, two of my biggest passions, (one far harder than the other!) inspired me to put this fundraiser together. Now you may frown and ask what has my reading got to do with it? Simple, I read bedtime stories for the little ones at Christine Revell Children’s Home.

This Home provides care for 49 abandoned, abused, orphaned and neglected children, irrespective of race, religion or HIV status. To me their slogan says it all “we build brighter futures for children in need” (have a look through the website while you’re here – hold on to your hearts, they might steal it!!).

Now, to answer your second question, what is the running all about? Two Oceans Ultra Marathon… a whopping 56km (I know, it’s NOT normal to run 56 km, but for these kids I will do it any day).

Now, for your final question, Run for a Rand? I challenge you to sponsor me R1 (but not limited to) for every kilometre I complete in aid of Christine Revell Children’s Home.

To indicate whether you are “running” with me, please click runforarand and register to show your support. You will receive a “smiling” email from me on the 10th April 2012, with details for your donation directly to the Home.

Please, (PLEASE) forward this to any of your friends, colleagues and family, every bit helps!

Thank you so much!



Two Oceans marathon for charity

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