In September we bid a fond farewell to three of our Management Board members:

Natasha Wilson

Natasha has been involved on our Committee for some 3 years taking responsibility for our PI including our webpage and newsletters. She fulfilled this diligently and always accommodated new ideas.

Natasha scaled down her involvement after the birth of her child which is a life changing event, but one of life’s most beautiful experiences.

Thank you very much for your valued support. We value the time you spent with us and we wish you and your young family well.

Alfons Genseberger

Alfons has been on our Committee for close to 10 years and took ownership of the maintenance of the building and its equipment. This he did enthusiastically having set up a book for recording problems requiring attention which could have entries from any member of staff. This would be monitored to ensure all identified problems were addressed.

Alfons also took charge of the repainting of our asbestos roof which is thankfully in good condition and good for another 5 to 10 years.

Alfons was always available to back me up when I was on leave such as when the borehole was drilled as well as on other occasions.

Thanks you very much for all your efforts Alfons. We will miss your involvement.

We wish you all the very best in preparing for your move to Holland.

Yusuf Patel

Mohamed introduced Yusuf to our Management Committee in 2017/2018 and he immediately participated by obtaining some donations through his many connections.

I was delighted when he offered to assist with the updating of our various policies, of which we have many. He really added value which is a necessity to conclude as his suggestions were generic to all our policies.

We understand his new venture into farming in the Saldanha area is not conducive to participating in our Manco committee and we wish Yusuf well in this venture.

Thank you to all – we have enjoyed and benefited from your involvement.

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