To all the kids, staff members & everyone else at Christine Revell Children’s home!

My name is Maxi & I hope you do remember me as well as I do you all! Exactly one year ago, I took one of the best decisions so far & went on the plane to South Africa 🇿🇦! I was super scared, but also looking forward! And I couldn’t even have imagined, what live had in store for me. I chose the You2Africa project at your children’s home & I had the best time there! For real, the time in Capetown with you all was one of the best times I can remember & way to short. I loved every day & everyone of the precious little ones! I cannot stop missing this & so I thought, I should write you.

I hope you got my postcard for Christmas, I totally forgot to add my email address on it. And I hope everyone’s alright & happy! I miss Mathilda, Rayleen & their crèche especially, of course! They are wonderful people & the kids were ( and I bet they still are) so awesome and simply pure souls who deserve the world. I’m glad & so thankful that I got the chance two spend a great time at your children’s home & I will visit you again one day, I promise.

For me, a new part of my life started a week ago. I’m going to study medicine (more precise dental medicine) in a big town, far away from home. So far it’s very interesting to hear about all the different structures & functions in our bodies and I am so looking forward, to (hopefully) a smile of  my very first patient.

I would love to hear from you, since I keep missing this time so much!

Wishing you all the best & all the joy there is. Thank you very much again, for letting me spend this wonderful time at Christine Revell!

Greetings from the (so far) sunny Germany!

Maxi Gaiser


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