On Thursday the 13th April the home was was visited by 23 marathon runners from Sneek in The Netherlands.

They heard about the Two Oceans Marathon and decided to participate. By doing so they also wanted to make a difference to the local community and got in touch with the Stichting Kindertehuis Kaapstad. Christine Revell Children’s Home was selected as one of 2 projects to support.

Initially the aim was to raise €2,000 (about R30,000) but they got a total of R111,000 of which R75,000 was allocated to the CRCH.

The 23 runners met Alicia Rhoda, Pieter Postema, Maryka Vermaak and Marcel Hoogebeen who showed them around at the home and explained the background, the history and future of the children. The visit also identified where in the home the donation would be well spent.

After an hour and a half 23 very happy marathon runners left the home knowing they donated the money wisely.

Thanks to all involved, also to the Dutch “Stichting” Board members linking them up with CRCH.

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