Wow, Mandela Day was a hectic day. We would like to thank those who chose to visit the Christine Revell Children’s Home for their 67 minutes of service:

We had a group of SA Navy staff that completed their 67 minutes, or rather 4 hours, cleaning the windows on the outside of the building. It was really a great job because they came ready with their ladders and cloths – it was a great team effort. Some of the female officers also spent some time with the babies and they donated some party packets for the older group of children.

During the afternoon Brimstone Investment Corporation delivered 100 blankets for the children’s home and cuddled and played with the babies in the baby section.

Brimstone Investment Corporation staff with our babies

Pescatech Cleaning Solutions delivered a donation of food supplies, cleaning materials and other needs. Their staff played games with the children outside and some of the men helped with repairs around our home.

It is great that Nelson Mandela inspired the 67 minutes of service for companies and individuals and long may it continue. We are extremely grateful for the organizations that chose to spend that time at our home. ┬áThe staff and children at Christine Revell Children’s Home thank you.

It makes me think though, what about the other 364 days of the year? Should we all not look at doing something good for someone every day, as individuals and companies? We might not be able to give 67 minutes every day, but I’m sure we could all do something to cheer up or help someone every day. Start today!



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