“What counts in Life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others. That will determine the significance of the Life we lead. “ Nelson Mandela – add quote from Madiba and a picture of him with the pictures I will send on some interaction pictures of that day.

To many, the Madiba Magic was captured in his warm smile whenever he encountered people from all walks of life. Everyone grinned as they recall the much-loved memory of Madiba in a brightly-coloured shirt, doing the ‘Madiba Shuffle’.

There are a number of things that made Madiba Magic real, from his ability to treat everyone he met with kindness to the pivotal role he played in setting South Africa free from Apartheid. A great man, he was, and anyone who ever met him will testify with respect that his presence inspired them, as the moments they shared with him remain forever magical.

His legacy lives on and transforms South Africans into “Do good Minions” every year around the 18th July 2018. This week we were blessed with donations of products/ groceries from Sappi & National Security, lunch prepared by the Tsogo Sun Cullinan / Soup for supper from the Westin hotel, group of painters from ‘The Order of St Lazarus and all the groups that came in to physically help care for the children – Red Cross nurses on Monday, Standard Bank on Tuesday and Sappi arranging a fun morning with the children dramatizing a story book on Wednesday.

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