We are thrilled that Tracy-Lee Rosslind is an Ambassador for Christine Revell.

For those unfamiliar with Tracy-Lee, she is a TV presenter, an entrepreneur, producer and motivational speaker and an accomplished stylist and yet still has time to launch her own company that features a range of hair products and nail varnish. She is no stranger to Glamour Magazine and is regularly featured therein. 

She started her professional career in the modeling and TV industry at the age of nine. Her clientele consists of some of the best artists in Africa and her styled music video had a hit count exceeding 100 million You Tube hits. 

Tracy-Lee started volunteering at Christine Revell when she was in Grade 8 in partnership with the interact program. Her passion lies in supporting vulnerable children and adults. Tragically, like so many, Tracy-Lee has experienced various forms of abuse from the tender age of 4  and her experience of the pain and alienation that abuse causes, has given her the heart to speak out loud and clear for those that feel they have no voice.

Tracy-Lee works with abused children and adults both in South Africa and Chicago and she is also an ambassador for the Reeve Steenkamp Foundation.

Today, Tracy-Lee gets energized and excited when she is able to empower women – her goal for 2020 is to employ 200 people.

Her heart breaks at the inequality in our country and the devastation that abuse causes to so many.

Tracy-Lee – we are proud to have you as an Ambassador for Christine Revell Children’s Home.

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