“I had a Dream” famous words by Martin Luther King – Yes what started out as a dream 5 years ago thanks to various sponsors became a reality earlier this year. We managed to over a period of 3 years get sponsors to commit to this dream of extending the building by adding a second garage and demolishing the dilapidated one and in the process have an upstairs indoor playroom and a bigger parking area.

The construction company MNM Construction’s workmen, were very diligent. The work scheduling was on time and despite a few setbacks with delivery of some material the job was done as per work plan schedule. The weather gods were also on our side because it would storm during the night and have sunny weather for the workmen to continue working the following day.

 The original use for this room was realised when on cold winter days, the children would be cramped in small areas and this would obviously frustrate them – We have quite a few volunteers that were willing to do some of the exercises with the children – we need exercise to be part of the children’s routine – involve more volunteers to use this room with the children for a large muscle development area.

The Playroom now serves a dual purpose with the 4th year Occupational therapy students of UCT, it doubles up as a room for them to work with their children – exercising and moving those muscles.

We started this project on 15 March 2017 and have this week added the final touches – the area have been in use since the building was completed but to add a touch of magic, we arranged for a mural within this area. It looks amazing.

The total cost of the project amounted to R 596 220.23 and the total costs were covered by Sponsors – Hair heroes, Stichting tot Steun, Anonymous guardian angel, Jaytrade and Families- Ebner / Werner from Switzerland.



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