A special goodbye for our dearest colleague, Muriel Devoti. She started working at CRCH in September 1987 and has left our employ in December 2014 due to illness. Muriel has been one of our longest serving staff members and has always given her best. She was the senior Child Care Worker of Group A – caring for the babies aged from birth to 18 months and had 3 staff members that she supervised, besides the relief Child Care Workers.

goodbye-murielMuriel was an exemplary employee and was never absent; very seldom off sick and was always punctual. It was a sad goodbye for the children as we know that she was the mother of all mothers here at CRCH – She was a good listener, had a big heart and always had a smile.

We love you Muriel Devoti and hope that even though you xare not physically here, we know that you want to be here and that is very heart warming. It is really a classic example of: Die gees is gewillig maar die vlees is swak.

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