After 22 years of service to Christine Revell, Alicia has decided to move on. 

Alicia started in July 1997 as the Creche Co-ordinator and was promoted to the Director’s Assistant in 1998 before being appointed Director in 2000. She has been instrumental in growing the Home from near collapse to the successful institution it is today, greatly assisted by the Waterfront Rotary Club members’ representatives that serve on our Management and Board of Trustees.

We caught up with Alicia to ask her a few questions and in her characteristic modest way, she needed a bit of persuasion!

Q:  Looking back, Alicia, what have been your greatest challenges?

Alicia:  On a personal note, I always recall that when I was appointed Director, there was just R40,000 in the bank account and I had the unenviable task of explaining to staff that there may not be enough money to pay them. It was heartbreaking to see their reaction. So as I look back – it is with gratitude that this NEVER had to happen again. I feel so grateful for the ability to secure funding for operational costs and to facilitate the building up of a reserve fund – thanks to a strong Management Team and the expertise of the Management/Board of Trustees.

Q: What has brought you the most pleasure?

Alicia:  Making a  difference in the lives of the children. Coming in to work and getting hugs and smiles from the children is a priceless and special feeling. Seeing children scarred by their early- life events, gradually begin to heal and to see many reunited with families and others happily fostered  or adopted is a humbling and beautiful thing.

Q: A management board member recently said that you are tenacious and single minded  – a bit like a honey badger, in your fundraising and ability to secure much needed resources for the home……how do you react to that?

Alicia: It makes me smile! Everything I have done has always been for the children. Over the years we have been able to make such improvements to the Home as well as provide training and development for our staff – and as I look back on my happy years, this makes me feel very satisfied.

Q: As you depart (although we suspect and hope you will keep popping back often) what are your dreams and aspirations moving forward?

Alicia : Well, with my first grandchild on the way, I am going to enjoy being a  devoted Grandma before looking at the next phase of “making a  difference”.  Children have always played a major role in my career and life and that won’t change.

I wish the Home, the Management, Trustees and the staff the brightest and best futures and of course not forgetting our precious children to whom I wish futures that are happy, joy and love filled and brimming with hope!

And so ………….as we prepare to say farewell to Alicia, the next chapter approaches, interviews are well under way for her successor – watch out for the next newsletter for more details.