gardening project childrens homeWe have been trying for the past few months to get our garden going properly. One of our volunteers has taken responsibility for the garden and we are hoping to supply the kitchen with some vegetables from it.

Gillian Low, one of our volunteers, has graciously offered to assist with the vegetable garden as she is an avid gardener. She has her own vegetable garden at home and sometimes brings along one of her big cabbages and some broccoli she has grown herself.

Gillian would dearly like assistance for this project in the form of gardening necessities. If you are in any way able to help her with this, please call our office for more information or to get in touch with her.

Thanks to the help of Gillian and others we hope to be able to make use of the fruits (or should I say veggies!) of her labour!

Below is a list of items we are looking for and would be grateful to receive:

gardening project childrens home 1gardening project childrens home2

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