Children's Home vegetable gardenWe are in need of a volunteer to come and work in the vegetable garden!

He or she would be someone who loves gardening and has knowledge of growing vegetables, when to harvest them and hand them over to the cook in the kitchen and also to keep a record what was harvested.

From the garden to the stove to the plate and into our tummies.”

Chidlren's Home vegetable garden eggplantOur children are enjoy the fresh vegetables that we harvest from our garden. Our latest harvest was a batch of our purple veggies – brinjals (also known as eggplant or aubergines). They were quite big and we were picked 10 of them last week. The cook used them to prepare a lovely meal which the children enjoyed very much.

Are you the voluteer we need, or do you know someone who fits the description? Please contact us then!

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