The Corporate Social Responsibility team from Maitland Group* believes in putting back into communities in which they operate. By collaborating with educational, youth and arts organisations, they share the benefits of their financial and managerial expertise. They adopted Christine Revell Children’s Home and wanted to spent a day with the children and help make a difference in the lives of these little ones.Vegetable garden

Their Corporate Social Investment for 2015 involved them co-opting the help of  Urban Harvest to tend to our vegetable garden and upgrade it. They financed the cost for the co-ordinator Ben Getz to come on a monthly basis to tend to our garden.

This will give us some vegetables to use in our kitchen, helping us save some money on our purchases of vegetables every month. Ben, together with the kitchen assistant Nandipha, scrutinised a list of vegetables that they use in the kitchen and accordingly planted what we would need. On his monthly visit he also keeps notes on how to tend to the garden from month to month.

newly painted wall children's homeSeeSawDo were also co-opted by Maitland finance group to paint the back section of our building under the guidance of Jeremy Puren. The National lottery covered the costs for the wall to be replaced that had slanted and was threatening to fall over.

The vibracrete wall it was grey and dull though, but thanks to the SeeSawDo, with the help of the staff of Maitland finance group, painted the wall. They incorporated paintings a previous group had painted of children’s characters and evolved the whole wall as one large, colourful painting.

*Maitland Group SA is  a financial company that provides multi-jurisdictional legal, tax, fiduciary, investment and administration services to private, corporate and institutional clients.

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