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When Visiting Us

We encourage visiting Christine Revell Children’s Home to all who are concerned about the welfare of children living in difficult circumstances. It is so easy to simply go on with our normal day-to-day lives and not concern ourselves with those less fortunate, or to push these thoughts to the back of our mind.
Visiting a home such as ours will bring more awareness of the plight of these children and encourage us to a greater sense of gratitude for our blessings. It also encourages our staff and children, and hopefully our visitors will leave with a desire to spread awareness of the home to their friends, family and colleagues.
If you are unable to visit our home you could get involved in other ways – Visit our Donations Page

If you are able to visit and would like to bring something for the children, may we ask you to please not bring unhealthy sweets and drinks but to select items from the list below. The children do get opportunities to eat chocolates and sweets, but we need to monitor what they eat and when, so we prefer it if our visitors rather bring items from our list. We appreciate your assistance in this regard – thanks!

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Main Office

Huntley Street (off Wallis St)
Cape Town
South Africa


Call or Email

Home: +27 (0)21 697 1748
Social Worker: +27 (0)21- 697 5579
Fax: +27 (0)86 553 9220

Current NeedsWhat we need at the moment

Our urgent current needs are for the following items:

  • 2 -3 irons for the laundry section
  • 2 Food processors for kitchen areas – for babies food - these get heavy use – so good brands please
  • 40-50 Bath towels
  • 6 Laundry baskets
  • 6 Brooms
  • 4 Verimark mops for tiled areas – kitchen & dining room, laundry, and passages / bathrooms with 4 extra changes of the fibre cloths for the mop
  • 4-6 fibre cloths for furniture cleaning

If you can help with any of these items – or if you could donate towards them, please call ALICIA RHODA on 021-697 1748 or CONTACT US