volunteers at trainingOn Monday 26 June Christine Revell Children’s Home staff members Alicia Rhoda and Shireen van Reenen went to Common Ground Church to share at their first collaborative training session for Bedtime Stories. Bedtime Stories volunteers from Common Ground Church were inspired and equipped with a power-dose of wisdom and experience from this session.

Volunteers had the opportunity to ask questions, and even had to spring into action and get their creative juices flowing by acting out a poem that Alicia brought along. The volunteers learnt some very helpful practical tips on how to engage the children and deal with discipline, as well as gaining some needed insight into working with children living in institutions.

Volunteers were also filled in on some of the needs of the home, and how they can partner with CRCH in prayer – especially for the precious children that the programme exists to serve.

This was a great time of partnering, sharing concerns and grappling with questions – and we’re excited about working closely as we work out how to get the programme working as best it can!


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