Our babies/toddlers cots were in desperate need to be resprayed as they were looking rather miserable. The Medical Renovations and Supplies CC quoted the job to cost over R 36000.00.

cots needing renovation
Babies Cots before renovation

Thanks to our generous and caring sponsors¬†Acceleration Media, Mazor Steel and Stigting tot Steun Chritine Revell Children’s Home (from the Netherlands) through Waterfront Rotary we managed to get all the expenses covered for the children to have virtually brand new cots.

Not only were the cots fully repaired, galvanised and dipped in a non-toxic coating, but the wheels and brakes were also replaced.

We are very grateful to our sponsors for enabling us to give our babies and toddlers these snazzy looking cots!

If you would like to be involved by donating or volunteering, please contact us.

cots renovated
Out cots looking brand new after renovation

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