Gardening Project at CRCH

We are in need of a volunteer to come and work in the vegetable garden! He or she would be someone who loves gardening and has knowledge of growing vegetables, when to harvest them and hand them over to the cook in the kitchen and also to keep a record what was harvested. “From the garden […]

Marquette Advocacy Project

Every year Christine Revell Children’s Home hosts exchange students from Marquette University. These students did the attached presentation for their practical placement model. The students are placed for a period of 6 months, and Hanna and Caroline are two of the students that were placed with us. Hanna helped in Group A and Caroline helped in […]

Music lessons

Every Tuesday and Thursday, Sebastian Guile from Harmony Music Foundation comes and gives music lessons to the children. He is a great musician and teacher, and the children learn not just how to play various different instruments under his tuition, but also learn the names of the different instruments.

Mandela Day – Rugby Sevens

The Springbok men & women Sevens squad rolled up their sleeves on Saturday when they contributed their own 67 minutes in honour of President Nelson Rholihlahla Mandela. The players as well as Management visited the Christine Revell Children’s home where they interacted and played with our children. They were here from 9h30 – 11h00 handing […]

Fundraising Hike – Sponsorship Appeal

Please support one of our supporters, Maryka Vermaak, to raise much needed funds for the daily running costs of Christine Revell Children’s Home. Maryka is a member of the Waterfront Rotary Club, which has been involved with our home for a number of years.

Volunteer Day with Artists

Our home has some supporters all the way over in Sedona, USA. These girls, Savannah and Zoe Van Block, held a fundraiser of their art work and 2 African exchange students helped out as well. They raised $250 which they donated to Christine Revell Children’s Home. They recently visited South Africa, accompanied by their mother Sitara, and […]

St Aidan’s Ladies Visit Christine Revell Children’s Home

The St Aidan’s Ladies’ group have on occasion spent some time with our children before, and on 24th  June 2015 they came and treated the children with some lunch: there were hotdogs, juice and some pudding. The photos show some of the ladies busy preparing the food and some of them busy helping some of our regular volunteers […]

Repainting of the Home

Damon Cartoulis and 3 of his 4 assistants very kindly repainted parts of the both the exterior and interior of  the Christine Revell Children’s Home building whilst the children were away on the 1 November (the Adopt a Child Day). Both Damon and his wife Karryn have contributed to the Home for many years and currently […]

Allan Gray Visit

“In terms of how it made us feel to be a part of your community for a couple of hours over our weekend – it was refreshing, and definitely a reminder of the need for us to appreciate the small things that life has to offer and how invaluable relationships are. Many of the candidate-fellows […]

Corporate Social Initiative

The Claremont Skin, Body & Health Renewal Team took the lead in choosing the Cape Region 2014 Corporate Social Initiative. They chose to assist Christine Revell Children’s Home!

Mandela Day donations and treats for our children

[singlepic id=324 w=320 h=240 float=right]Christine Revell Children’s home was once again blessed abundantly by different members of the community, Companies and church groups! Here is a list of donations and treats we received:

Argus Cycle Tour Feedback

I volunteer at Christine Revell Children’s Home, spending two mornings a week assisting during crèche time with ‘Group B’ (kids between the ages of 18 months and 3yrs). The little faces of ‘my kids’ have been my inspiration to get to the top of the hills while training for my first Cape Argus Pick ’n […]

Mandela Day 2012

WOW, what a day! It is such a great inspiration that one man can make such a major difference in the lives of so many. At Christine Revell Children’s home we tried to accomodate as many people as possible: The morning started out with Wendy and friends assisting with the babies from 8h00 – 10h00. […]

Collaborative efforts with volunteers

On Monday 26 June Christine Revell Children’s Home staff members Alicia Rhoda and Shireen van Reenen went to Common Ground Church to share at their first collaborative training session for Bedtime Stories. Bedtime Stories volunteers from Common Ground Church were inspired and equipped with a power-dose of wisdom and experience from this session. Volunteers had […]

Reading is Fun

The Common Ground Church Group members have committed members who come every Tuesday and/or Thursday evenings for a story telling programme.

Volunteers on Project Facelift

Volunteers from the Common Ground Church came to spend some time at Christine Revell Children’s Home. [singlepic id=199 w=400 h=300 float=center]

Running for Children: follow-up

In April we published an article on Lucyanne, one of our volunteers, who decided to make her Two Oceans Marathon entry count for more than personal achievement. She challenged supporters to sponsor her for every km completed, the proceeds going to Christine Revell Children’s Home.

Running for the children

One of our volunteers has taken on a task many of us would shy away from – running the Two Oceans marathon. Lucyanne is not just doing this for her own pleasure (can one call it pleasure?), but wants it to mean more: she wants it to mean something for the children of Christine Revell […]