Annual Bazaar and Auction 2016

Thank God the weather held up. On Saturday 2 April our annual Bazaar and Auction was held – the success of this outdoor event is always subject to weather conditions. But we came ready having even umbrellas on sale! The crowd was eager to spend and we had a variety of stalls, all helping us […]

Oliver’s Gift

Oliver, a caring and conscientious young boy, collected some money to donate to Christine Revell Children’s Home recently. His mom decided to find out what we needed that Oliver could buy with his collection, and so Oliver bought 2 gazebos for the home – a very useful gift that we were able to use at […]

Mandela Day Feedback

It was such a pleasure for us to welcome the various corporates and individuals who committed themselves over this period in July in lieu of the Mandela Outreach Initiative. We would like to take this opportunity to thank every helper for what they did for CRCH and the children in our care. The ways people assisted varied, but […]

Ramadaan Blessings

Shamiela Behardien, with her family and friends, have for the past few years given clothing to our children as part of their giving over Ramadaan (the month of giving to others less fortunate and sharing what you have with others). Thanks to donations from others, they come and visit the home and bring a new […]

Fresh Vegetables and a Revitalised Wall

The Corporate Social Responsibility team from Maitland Group* believes in putting back into communities in which they operate. By collaborating with educational, youth and arts organisations, they share the benefits of their financial and managerial expertise. They adopted Christine Revell Children’s Home and wanted to spent a day with the children and help make a […]

A Brand New Washing Machine!

Stichting tot Steun Christine Revell Children’s Home Trust kindly donated funds to CRCH to replace our old and broken washing machine. The old machine’s parts were very difficult to obtain locally and, in the past when it needed a part, we had to wait up to a month before it could be fixed. Thankfully we are happy to report that, thanks to […]

Bazaar 2015

We would hereby like to give special thanks to all the groups who hosted a stall at our bazaar on Saturday, 28th March. Church in Westridge hosted a Boerewors stall Deidre and Carol hosted a Hotdog stall and sold the hamburgers for the home Fairmont high school hosted a clothing stall The host parents managed […]

Telkom Foundation

Telkom Foundation came to visit Christine Revell Children’s Home and not only supplied us with needed items but also came to our Children’s Home to physically assist us with jobs to do around the home. Even some of the top management team members came out to help on this day!

Donation of Clothing

On the 24th February, Molly Witlox and Mariette de Jongh (seen here with Director Alicia Rhoda) generously donated a suitcase full of children’s clothes as well as a financial contribution to the Christine Revell Childrens’ Home. Mariette and husband Phillip celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary and very kindly asked family and friends to contribute clothing for […]

Repainting of the Home

Damon Cartoulis and 3 of his 4 assistants very kindly repainted parts of the both the exterior and interior of  the Christine Revell Children’s Home building whilst the children were away on the 1 November (the Adopt a Child Day). Both Damon and his wife Karryn have contributed to the Home for many years and currently […]

Christmas Market in The Netherlands

On the 7th December the board members of the  “Dutch Foundation for Children Homes in Cape Town” attended the Christmas market in the village of Rolde, The Netherlands. They sell all kinds of items for birds, such as bird cakes, and a selection of other items for the garden and home.

Donation Commitment Form

We know you will often be asked to support worthwhile causes. After all, there are the street children at the robots, and many others in need. We at Christine Revell Children’s Home want to make a LONG-TERM difference, to come alongside our children and provide what they need to grow strong and healthy – all in […]

Mandela Day update

Mandela Day should’ve read Mandela week, or perhaps even month, as sponsors and donors continued being generous to our home after the actual day had passed. We would like to send a big THANK YOU to the following sponsors as well for their donations: Internet Solutions – clothing/ toys/ food TNT International – toiletries/ snacks/ […]

Mandela Day – TÜV SÜD South Africa giving back

Mandela Day was a great success with the staff members of TÜV SÜD SA and AVTS at the Chrstine Revell’s Children’s Home. The day brought nothing but joy and smiles to the faces of the kids, and tears to our eyes.

Mandela Day donations and treats for our children

[singlepic id=324 w=320 h=240 float=right]Christine Revell Children’s home was once again blessed abundantly by different members of the community, Companies and church groups! Here is a list of donations and treats we received:

What do you see when you look into a child’s face?

If you have children or grandchildren, you may see a sparkle of mischief, or a request for ice-cream or even a look of rebellion because it is bed time! Here at the home, we have children whose faces show every sign of life’s ups and downs. From sadness to joy. Why sadness? Well, it is […]

Artist Tyrone Appollis Donates Painting

Well known artist Tyrone Appollis, born in Cape Town in 1957, has pursued his mission with relentless passion as an artist who has had to defy social circumstances to realize his creative potential.

Fly Screens for our Kitchen

Corner Star Fly Screens came to Christine Revell Children’s Home in April to donate their services as well as product last week. They installed a screen to our existing kitchen gate and also to the windows in the kitchen to minimise the occurrence of flies in this area. It is very important to us to […]

Bazaar Feedback

[singlepic id=303 w=320 h=240 float=right]The day turned out to be very successful with approximately 150 patrons that supported the event. The weather was superb which was a great blessing, and we were entertained by DJ Gavin who hosted a Karaoke, with the equipment being sponsored by AV Direct. Matt Gore, the magician known as the […]

Argus Cycle Tour Feedback

I volunteer at Christine Revell Children’s Home, spending two mornings a week assisting during crèche time with ‘Group B’ (kids between the ages of 18 months and 3yrs). The little faces of ‘my kids’ have been my inspiration to get to the top of the hills while training for my first Cape Argus Pick ’n […]