Partnerships in Health care

Nursing students visited the home , examining the children and enjoying their time with our children. The students really valued their experience and we will gladly continue this partnership.

Local golfers causing damage to Children’s home windows

On arrival at work on Monday, 7th April 2018, I was informed of the Indoor Playroom window that was broken. Upon investigation, we found that sometime over the weekend, persons that played Golf on the side of the building (either in Spes Bona School grounds or from the field behind Spes Bona school)  caused us this broken window costing us R 950.00 to repair.  We would just like to appeal to the person’s responsible to please be careful and take cognisance of the damage they caused. The children could not play in the area for three days as we needed to ensure that all the glass splinters were removed and the glass replaced. We asking residents in the area please be on the look out if they see these people playing golf on the fields in close proximity to our children’s home.



Staff Service Awards

On 15 February 2018, Carmelita Stoffels celebrated her 15 years of service at Christine Revell Children’s Home – herewith a picture as she was congratulated by Chairperson, Piet Postema.

Rosaline Scheffers, Senior CYCW started working at CRCH on 1 April 1983 and has been employed for 35 years. Siziwe Alam has been employed at the organisation for 15 years. Siziwe Monica Alam assists in the Domestic team and afternoon assistant for the CYCW’s in Group A. Management committee member, Karryn Cartoulis congratulated them on this great achievement and thanked them for their commitment and dedication to the organisation and the children in our care. Karryn also donated some snacks/cool drinks  celebrating their achievements and they were joined at the meeting with the rest of the staff on duty.



Christine Revell Children’s Home – Annual Bazaar

 Christine Revell Children’s Home – Annual Bazaar was held on 7th April in the courtyard of the home. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who supported the event. We did not have as much patrons as we had last year but we still managed to raise just over R 36 000. Sadly there were very little interest in the Auction items as we did not have any big ticket items.

Special thanks to the stall holders  – Order of St Lazarus, Host parents -cake stall, Lucia Bredenkamp and family for their sweet stall, and, the staff and families of LED Lighting – Fun Flowers and the all supporters who donated towards the event. Nariman and Family, Hashim family, All the CRCH host  parents, various Companies- Protea Hotel -Saldanha, Maitland Farms, Quality Beverages, Protektum Makelaars, Galileo Open Air Cinema and Table Mountain Cable Way and Ina Paarman, Light saver (Pty) Ltd, Athlone Pharmacy, Cakes by Wade, Cape Halaal Meats,  Mare Louw & colleagues of Woolworths Financial Services and individual families and friends, Darren Pillay, Lemboe family, Felecia Truter, Narisha and friends, Williams family, M.Vermaak, Geswind family,  Motto, Lara Dippenaar and the support of the Church in Westridge.


To the CRCH staff who have supported and helped in preparation for this day and on the day- a hearty thank you. To DJ Gavin – thank you for keeping us entertained  and AV Direct  for the use of their equipment.

Help raise awareness for this fundraising drive please

Hello Everyone!

On the 21st of April 2018 I will be swimming from Robben Island to Big Bay Beach, Cape Town. This is part of the Freedom Swim Series. I have decided that starting a fundraising campaign would be an excellent way to help some of those less fortunate.

The Christine Revell Children’s Home, located in Athlone, Cape Town; is where I will be donating any and all generous donations from friends, family and those who are willing to contribute. The Christine Revell Children’s Home provides full time care for 49 children, from birth to age 5. These children have been referred to the home by social workers and placed there by order of a children’s court. The children are either neglected, abandoned, abused, orphaned and are accepted at the home irrespective of HIV status, race or gender.

I reach out to anyone and everyone in an attempt to make the lives of these 49 children a little more pleasant and enjoyable. Any donation no matter the size will be greatly appreciated and will go a long way in aiding The Christine Revell Children’s Home financially.

Day Zero and the impact it will have on Residential facilities

For months now, we have heard about the water crises in Cape Town and Capetonians are urged to save water. Now we have reached Level 6B, furthermore expecting us to reduce our water consumption to 50 litres per person in a household.

At CRCH, we have 49 children in care and 16 staff on duty daily and approximately 10 volunteers. How will we survive without compromising our quality of care.

This is what we do!

The Children are washed in smaller basins of water, this grey water is used in the toilet cisterns in the children’s bathroom areas. Water used to rinse the dishes are used to mop floors.

We have 3 tanks in place that harvest rainwater -this water would also be used for the toilet cisterns and washing floors and the vehicles. The rest of the bath grey water is used for the lawn and the garden as this water cannot be kept for longer than 24 hours then it compromises the hygiene within the area.

The 4th tank we are in the process to be linked up with the washing machine’s water which will also be used in the toilet cisterns and the floors and lastly the garden/ lawn as we cannot keep it for longer than 24 hours.

We have a Well point but level 6B water restrictions, prohibits you from using this for lawn hence due to these limitations will be used to flush the toilets only and possibly wash floors.

The basin taps are closed in the children bathrooms and in some of the toilets on our premises and using hand sanitisers for our hands instead of water. We are trying to obtain the Albex no flush product to ensure that the hygiene and minimise risks within the home.

We had some changes made to the laundry machine to lessen the amount of water for the rinse cycle.

We use boiled tap water from the hydro boil for the babies’ formula bottles as we minimise the risk of diarrhoea.

Ideally, we are hoping to install a phase two filtration system –to recycle all grey water and re-use in and around the home – Further funding needed for this project.

This is what we are doing to save water, and you?





Goedenavond donateurs, vrienden en bekenden van onze Stichting

Goedenavond donateurs, vrienden en bekenden van onze Stichting,

Bijgaand sturen wij jullie onze kerstnieuwsbrief met daarin allerlei  mooie verhalen van wat er gebeurd is afgelopen jaar.

Wat was het een mooi jaar voor onze Stichting! En dit allemaal dankzij jullie hulp en steun. Daar zijn wij dan ook heel dankbaar voor.

Wij hopen dat u met veel plezier de nieuwsbrief leest.

Wij wensen u fijne kerstdagen, maar vooral een gelukkig en gezond 2018. Bovendien hopen wij dat wij ook in 2018 weer op jullie steun mogen rekenen,

Met een warme kerstgroet, namens het hele bestuur,

Yvonne Klinkhamer-Hoogebeen

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Adopt-a-child outing to Farm Yard

This year the children’s Annual outing was on the Saturday, 4th November 2017 – to Farm Yard in Klapmuts. Each child was chaperoned by either a family or host parent or a volunteer or staff member – the weather was great and there were lots of trees for shade. The families and volunteers interacted with all the children at the pool. The children were surprised to see their friends at the same venue and was very fascinating to see their reaction. There were great excitement for the older children with the water slide.

The children were very interested and recognised animals and could name them as it is part of their themes in the preschool. The patrons paid their entry fees and the Bus was sponsored by Golden Arrow and Bronwyn Dyke. The host parents and volunteers loved the scenery of the Farm Yard and indicated that we should book this spot every year. The Adopt-a-child outing is arranged in aid of International children’s day , hence we arrange this outing every year on the first Saturday of November. Please be welcome to join us the next time. We are very thankful for individuals who sponsored the cost of the children but also thankful for the donation of 15 Umbrellas donated by Web Africa organised by one of our host parents Carol Clayton.


I had a Dream – building synopsis

“I had a Dream” famous words by Martin Luther King – Yes what started out as a dream 5 years ago thanks to various sponsors became a reality earlier this year. We managed to over a period of 3 years get sponsors to commit to this dream of extending the building by adding a second garage and demolishing the dilapidated one and in the process have an upstairs indoor playroom and a bigger parking area.

The construction company MNM Construction’s workmen, were very diligent. The work scheduling was on time and despite a few setbacks with delivery of some material the job was done as per work plan schedule. The weather gods were also on our side because it would storm during the night and have sunny weather for the workmen to continue working the following day.

 The original use for this room was realised when on cold winter days, the children would be cramped in small areas and this would obviously frustrate them – We have quite a few volunteers that were willing to do some of the exercises with the children – we need exercise to be part of the children’s routine – involve more volunteers to use this room with the children for a large muscle development area.

The Playroom now serves a dual purpose with the 4th year Occupational therapy students of UCT, it doubles up as a room for them to work with their children – exercising and moving those muscles.

We started this project on 15 March 2017 and have this week added the final touches – the area have been in use since the building was completed but to add a touch of magic, we arranged for a mural within this area. It looks amazing.

The total cost of the project amounted to R 596 220.23 and the total costs were covered by Sponsors – Hair heroes, Stichting tot Steun, Anonymous guardian angel, Jaytrade and Families- Ebner / Werner from Switzerland.




Childhood Development programme at CRCH

Every year the children that attend the Early Childhood Development programme at CRCH – work on various themes throughout the year. They were a few weeks ago busy with discussions about Plants and specifically discussing vegetables and fruit – the children very seldom see raw vegetables and most times the fruit is already halved when they get it – so their reaction was very interesting when they completed their art pieces and each had to choose their favourite fruit to paint – we surprised them with  strawberries and yoghurt – Strawberries and cream/ice-cream or yoghurt is not considered as a daily fruit intake for children – so they enjoyed eating the strawberries  – the following week they asked when we gonna buy more strawberries – therefor I think our next experience will be taking them to strawberry fields to see how the strawberries grow and pick some for Sunday dessert with ice cream – Just waiting for the lovely sunny days then we on our way.


On 22 November 2017 the older children were invited to the Transformers Exhibition held at Grand West Magic Company – the promoters of Transformers sponsored 25 tickets for the children aged 4-5 years old. Some of the children were at first afraid as loud sounds meet you as you enter but it was really a treat for them – They interacted with two mobile transformers that roamed around in the exhibition hall and each child was given a high five gesture.


On display are large sized models of the various transformers that move their arms and dinosaurs as well as the classic vehicles on display as seen on the movie. Special thanks to the promoters of Transformers and the tour guide who had lots of patience with our children. After the tour they were able to draw a picture of their favourite transformer or build their own lego transformer. The kids really enjoyed this activity. Check out the pictures where some of the children and staff transformed.




End of the Year 2017

What a fantastic way for Staff, Management members and Trustees to end off their year – Interacting with the Staff and children. They arranged some special activities for the children – face painting and balloon art and a magic show – on top of it all, Barney popped in to say “Hi”. The children were very excited just one little boy who ran like the wind when Barney made his appearance.

On Saturday, 9th December 2017 the members arranged a Braai and invited the staff and children and special thanks to everyone who attended and for our gentlemen, Wayne and Eon who did the braai for all of us.


Cultural Diversity During lunch

The CRCH volunteers arranged a meet and greet with the staff and introduced a dish or treat specialty of their country. Volunteers from Austria made meatballs and cinnamon buns. Volunteers from Germany made Christmas Stollen & LebKuchen, volunteers from USA and France made Apple strudel/crumble and crepes. Volunteers from Switserland / Sweden made tomato and onion salad and chocolate cake. Staff from SA – we shared with the volunteers a traditional braai wors, chip and dip. The volunteers each sang a song of choice significant in the country and we all had a little dance and some fun. Big thanks to Deborah Schlumberger who initiated this event. It was really fun.



Trafalgar Interact club visited the home

Trafalgar Interact club visited the home. They were accompanied by their teacher, Mr Haupt. The club is actively involved in community projects and enjoyed interacting with the children. We wish them well for the upcoming exams.Thank you for the donation of teddies for the children.