Christine Revell Children’s home – Carols by Candlelight 2018

A fun filled evening with entertainment thanks to the lovely Bev scott Brown and Lauren Hendricks, Maxine Smith and Joe Scaffers and the Valiant Hearts Christmas Band for playing while guests sang along at the Carols by Candlelight. Lots of smiling faces as Father Christmas called their names, the children hurriedly ran up ( some of them) other still wary of the white beard man in the red suit. Special thanks to AV direct and Sound engineer, Elroy, Photographer, Gavin Berry, and Sponsorship of tent by Base camp, Lightsaver (pty) ltd ,  Press Family, DG Murray Trust, Cupcakes from Caghrey West and everybody else who have helped make this event special.  There are always so many of you to thank – Wishing you all a blessed Christmas.


DSC Attorneys visit

On Thursday, 29th November 2018, the staff of DSC Attorneys visited our children, arranged a snack for the children and gave them lunch – Mcdonalds – they also arranged new duvet bedding and sheets for 30 beds. Pictures of the DSC staff making up the beds in the different bedrooms. Specials thanks for treating our children and putting a smile on their faces. Spider-man & Little Princess  and many more.

Thank you to the staff of DSC that interacted with our children and who made our children feel special.


A Visit to Christine Revell Children’s Home



Uncle Willy’s Christmas Party

Every year 20 of our children are invited to Uncle Willy’s Party – Yesterday, 4th December 2018 was very exciting for the new comers to Group C.

The children enjoyed the playing with the straw although some of them ended up itching as the evening progressed. They loved being able to interact with the band, playing instruments, singing along with the piano and later when the fairy and Father Christmas came, it was magical for the kids. Special thanks to all the helpers , the characters and all volunteers who helped to make this event special for our children – We are very thankful that our children benefit from this initiative – As I spoke to one of the founder members, Vicky Kempthrone – she reminisced that when they started her daughter now already an adult in her late thirties was the little fairy.

Thank you all and we wish all of you Blessed Christmas – See you next year.

Adopt a child outing held on 3rd November 2018

Adopt a child outing held on 3rd November 2018 to Farm Yard Resort in Klapmuts. More than 98 adults, 68 children was carted in the Bus and 19 vehicles to the venue. The weather was great – “not too hot and not too cold” – Thank you to everybody who made this day a success – the children enjoyed the day and it was nice to see them with their respective hosts.

Thank you to Golden Arrow – especially Bronwyn Dyke-Beyers for arranging the sponsorship of the Bus for the day.

Message from Maxi Gaiser volunteer

To all the kids, staff members & everyone else at Christine Revell Children’s home!

My name is Maxi & I hope you do remember me as well as I do you all! Exactly one year ago, I took one of the best decisions so far & went on the plane to South Africa 🇿🇦! I was super scared, but also looking forward! And I couldn’t even have imagined, what live had in store for me. I chose the You2Africa project at your children’s home & I had the best time there! For real, the time in Capetown with you all was one of the best times I can remember & way to short. I loved every day & everyone of the precious little ones! I cannot stop missing this & so I thought, I should write you.

I hope you got my postcard for Christmas, I totally forgot to add my email address on it. And I hope everyone’s alright & happy! I miss Mathilda, Rayleen & their crèche especially, of course! They are wonderful people & the kids were ( and I bet they still are) so awesome and simply pure souls who deserve the world. I’m glad & so thankful that I got the chance two spend a great time at your children’s home & I will visit you again one day, I promise.

For me, a new part of my life started a week ago. I’m going to study medicine (more precise dental medicine) in a big town, far away from home. So far it’s very interesting to hear about all the different structures & functions in our bodies and I am so looking forward, to (hopefully) a smile of  my very first patient.

I would love to hear from you, since I keep missing this time so much!

Wishing you all the best & all the joy there is. Thank you very much again, for letting me spend this wonderful time at Christine Revell!

Greetings from the (so far) sunny Germany!

Maxi Gaiser


Christine Revell Children’s home fundraising dance held on Friday, 5th October 2018.

We would hereby like to thank all the patrons, who supported our dance – We are happy to report that the clear profit of just over R 36 000 was raised. Special thanks for donations towards the prizes from individuals, Snack and monetary donations from AJ Press, Lightsaver Pty ltd , host parents, Willoughby’s, Management members and Lewis Stores.

The Order of St Lazarus – they gave prizes, financial donation  towards the snacks/dance expenses 

The entertainment by DJ Ben catered for all likes. Unfortunately we did not have any donations of items for the silent auction which normally gets us to a profit margin of R 40 000+.

All proceeds will be used towards the precious little ones at our organisation.

A big thank you to the Dance Committee and the staff for their support and dedication towards the planning and preparations leading up to the dance, assistance at the dance and after the event. Salute to our Stalwarts – you know who you are!


Women’s Day 2018

I matter, you matter, and we all matter – in our denim and diamonds

Christine Revell Children’s home – Women’s Day 2018 honoured the women who volunteer their services at the home – We honoured approx 80 quests on Saturday, 11th August 2018. The Tsogo Sun Cullinan sponsored the breakfast for these women and we are extremely grateful for their commitment. The women from all walks of life, Trustees, management committee members, staff, volunteers and host parents, foster parents and sponsors were invited for this special brunch. The women were dressed for success, in their denim and diamonds and all of them looked stunning.

Financial donations received from Geduld family, Nawal du Toit, Light saver (Pty) Ltd, Maestro’s (Pty) Ltd, Shimmy’s, Loud and Clear, Megara Events and Willoughby was used to purchase some of the give away/ spot prizes, Clicks vouchers, Fruitree drinks and branded keyrings with our theme of  “I matter” which later became – “I matter, You matter, we matter”.

The theme was carried through in testimony by Marelyn Schultz that all of us matters. Marelyn shared that sometimes, we think that we cannot go on anymore, we have to remember that we matter, no matter what others say or do. Our MC, Latasha Storm furthermore carried the theme through her songs honouring the women for their services at CRCH with the children – emphasizing that “they matter” because they make the children feel special. The children “matter” to them and therefore as volunteers and host parents and staff, they spend their time to love and care for our children. Latasha Storm, a Pastor from Delft managed to get the women to believe in themselves and know in their hearts that they matter.

Other Artists who graced us with their talents in song were Vincent Voegt and Aneeshia October.

Besides the Women’s Day committee members, – Anneline, Arlene, Lea, Carmelita, Rayleen, Claudia, Bomkazi, Rosaline, Charmaine P and Alicia who donated in their personal capacities, we also had the following who assisted us in sourcing financial donations and/or gifts for our women’s day goody bags/ prizes: Karryn Cartoulis, Carol Clayton, Deidre Johannes, Candice Rudman, Tracey Heneke/ Chantel Bonzaaier.

Special thanks to all the sponsors of either gifts / items towards the goody bags:

Bargain Books, Truworths H/O, Hyundi Watkins Valuer, Bantry Bay Pharmacy, Athlone Pharmacy, Betterbond Home loans, STBB, Megara Events, Origin Coffee Roasters, Stone heart, Rhoda family, Pretorius family, Hilary’s Mind Body and soul, Satyam Ayurveda, The Sign Hive and RW design.

With the help of all the sponsors, we were able to bless these ladies with some spot prizes and also managed to give each of them a goody bag.

We managed to draw the raffle donated by Protea Hotel in Saldanah – Breakfast for 4 people and the winner was Mrs Merle Stober – no. 25. Congratulations to Mrs Stober.

Last but not least, thanks you to Peter Langeveldt who donated the frame with our Denim and Diamonds dress code, Gavin Jansen for donating the sound and playing the special songs of “shine bright like a diamond- Riyanna” and “Powerful by Alicia Keys” and Stephen Petersen – our photographer. Special thanks to the Tsogo Sun Cullinan Hotel staff who made us feel special and the Chefs who prepared the brunch for our women.

womans day 2018 171


Children’s rooms beautified

Tia, Tammy and her mom took on the challenge to beautify the bedrooms of the children as part of a school project. Special thanks to Tia and her family for making the children feel special.

Special time for babies

Special time for babies, supported by members from the community. Babies are really thriving. Thank you ladies.


Heideveld School Outreach

Heideveld school outreach. The learners from the neighboring school collected food items and donated it to our home. Special thanks to all the learners and teachers who supported this initiative. It is much appreciated. A few of the matriculates dropped off the donation today. 

10 Years Service Award

Zameka Duka and Gloria Makalima both received their 10 years service award in July and August respectively.


Magic of Madiba

“What counts in Life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others. That will determine the significance of the Life we lead. “ Nelson Mandela – add quote from Madiba and a picture of him with the pictures I will send on some interaction pictures of that day.

To many, the Madiba Magic was captured in his warm smile whenever he encountered people from all walks of life. Everyone grinned as they recall the much-loved memory of Madiba in a brightly-coloured shirt, doing the ‘Madiba Shuffle’.

There are a number of things that made Madiba Magic real, from his ability to treat everyone he met with kindness to the pivotal role he played in setting South Africa free from Apartheid. A great man, he was, and anyone who ever met him will testify with respect that his presence inspired them, as the moments they shared with him remain forever magical.

His legacy lives on and transforms South Africans into “Do good Minions” every year around the 18th July 2018. This week we were blessed with donations of products/ groceries from Sappi & National Security, lunch prepared by the Tsogo Sun Cullinan / Soup for supper from the Westin hotel, group of painters from ‘The Order of St Lazarus and all the groups that came in to physically help care for the children – Red Cross nurses on Monday, Standard Bank on Tuesday and Sappi arranging a fun morning with the children dramatizing a story book on Wednesday.

Water Saving initiatives

We would like to thank everyone for the donations of water that we have been receiving since the water crises in Cape Town made it’s headway. We received assistance through Disaster Management for non –potable water, that we will be using for the cisterns/ lawn , Still water through Waterwise –and water4capetown donated 2 x 2500litre Jo-Jo tanks and 50 x 5 litre bottles. This is besides the efforts wrt donations of water from Gift of the givers and the water and hand sanitisers from Dis-chem foundation. No Flush from Albex to spray in toilets to lessen flushing – All this is besides our combined efforts of the staff/children carrying the bottles of water to the bathroom on a daily basis, our staff having to educate the children why not to waste water and the concerted efforts of staff to use the laundry grey water for the lawn and the garden ensuring a green lawn for the children to play on.


The water consumption is monitored daily and now we are able to keep track and ensure that City of Cape town billing is based on an actual reading instead of an estimation.





Partnerships in Health care

Nursing students visited the home , examining the children and enjoying their time with our children. The students really valued their experience and we will gladly continue this partnership.

Local golfers causing damage to Children’s home windows

On arrival at work on Monday, 7th April 2018, I was informed of the Indoor Playroom window that was broken. Upon investigation, we found that sometime over the weekend, persons that played Golf on the side of the building (either in Spes Bona School grounds or from the field behind Spes Bona school)  caused us this broken window costing us R 950.00 to repair.  We would just like to appeal to the person’s responsible to please be careful and take cognisance of the damage they caused. The children could not play in the area for three days as we needed to ensure that all the glass splinters were removed and the glass replaced. We asking residents in the area please be on the look out if they see these people playing golf on the fields in close proximity to our children’s home.