Dentist visit

crch-dentist-visit-01Last month we had the privilege of having dentist Dr Mohammed visiting Christine Revell Children’s Home. Dr Mohammed came with his assistant and oral hygienist to examine the children’s teeth.

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Adopt-a-child Bergrivier outing

Bergrivier Outing for CRCH 2011

Our outing to the Bergrivier Resort

Every year in aid of National Children’s Day we arrange an ‘Adopt-a-child‘ Day outing (read our previous article ‘Adopt-a-Child Day Outing‘).

This a day where host parents, volunteers and friends of the organisation can ‘adopt’ a child for this day and care for them as if the child were their own. This is a special day for the child as each of them feel special: they have their own ‘parent’ or own family that spends time with them and cares for them.

The parents or families that participate also benefit as they get to give something really meaningful to the child – a memory of being loved and being happy and having fun. Many find that through this process they grow in their compassion and wisdom, and that they can give something back to a community needing assistance.Read More

Carols by Candlelight


Carols by Candlelight

We are having a Carols by Candlelight evening early December, to which we encourage you to come and to invite your family, colleagues and friends.

You can print out our invitation to hand out to them, which contains all the information we list here below.

Date: Saturday 3 December

Time: 18h00 – 21h00

Venue: Christine Revell Children’s Home, Huntley Street, Athlone

The evening is arranged to celebrate Christmas and to make it something special for the kids, so we would appreciate it if you could bring a gift for a child, and maybe some of the daily needs items from the list as well if possible (but don’t wrap these in with the Christmas present please).

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Department of Social Development Visit

The Standing Committee on Premier, Gender, Disabled and Youth did an oversight visit to the Christine Revell Children’s Home in Athlone on the 24th August 2011.

dept of social development visit

Department of Social Development visit

The Delegation consisted of Ms. JL Hartnick (DA), Mr. EH Eloff (DA), Ms V Hani (ANC) and Ms T Bevu (COPE). They were also accompanied by co-ordinators Ms Hassen-Moosa and Ms N.Mshumpela.

Departmental officials were Mr Woldson, Ms Somtsewu and Ms Stali from Department of Social Development.


The oversight visit was a success!

Christine Revell Children’s Home is very well managed and facilitated. According to the standing committee it is a best practice.

‘Adopt-a-Child’ Day Outing


Bergrivier Outing 2009

Every year we have an ‘ADOPT-A-CHILD’ day outing where each one of our children is ‘adopted’ by either a family or adult volunteer for that entire day.

The ‘adopted‘ child is under your care and supervision for the whole day and you are responsible to arrange what ‘your‘ child needs for the day:  food, drinks and snacks and for the little ones, disposable nappies. And don’t forget the sun-tan lotion!Read More

Taking Photographs

no photographyWhenever we have visitors at our home they always LOVE to take photographs of the children. We cannot however allow this as the children’s backgrounds and names have to remain confidential. We do post photos on our website as this is under our control and will never give out any details of the children.

We therefore request that when you visit Christine Revell Children’s Home, that you refrain from photographing any of the children (including video recordings). We appreciate your co-operation in this regard – thank you!

Please read our article for more information on Visiting our Home.

Visiting our home

We encourage visiting Christine Revell Children’s Home to all who are concerned about the welfare of children living in difficult circumstances. It is so easy to simply go on with our normal day-to-day lives and not concern ourselves with those less fortunate, or to push these thoughts to the back of our mind.

Visiting a home such as ours will bring more awareness of the plight of these children and encourage us to a greater sense of gratitude for our blessings. It also encourages our staff and children, and hopefully our visitors will leave with a desire to spread awareness of the home to their friends, family and colleagues.

If you are unable to visit our home you could get involved in other ways – read more about how you can Help Us.

If you are able to visit and would like to bring something for the children, may we ask you to please not bring unhealthy sweets and drinks but to select items from the list below. The children do get opportunities to eat chocolates and sweets, but we need to monitor what they eat and when, so we prefer it if our visitors rather bring items from our list.  We appreciate your assistance in this regard – thanks!

healthy snacks

Please choose healthy snacks

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Children’s Cots Renewed

Our babies/toddlers cots were in desperate need to be resprayed as they were looking rather miserable. The Medical Renovations and Supplies CC quoted the job to cost over R 36000.00.

cots needing renovation

Babies Cots before renovation

Thanks to our generous and caring sponsors Acceleration Media, Mazor Steel and Stigting tot Steun Chritine Revell Children’s Home (from the Netherlands) through Waterfront Rotary we managed to get all the expenses covered for the children to have virtually brand new cots.

Not only were the cots fully repaired, galvanised and dipped in a non-toxic coating, but the wheels and brakes were also replaced.

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Airport Visit

CRCH outing to Cape Town International AirportOur Grade R children got to go on a special outing on the 19th October – they visited Cape Town International Airport! The kids were very excited, and even more so when they received a treat of milkshakes and waffles at the Wimpy, sponsored by Freudenberg Nonwovens.

It is such a pleasure to be able to treat our children to outings and we greatly appreciate sponsors and donors who make this possible. The environments many of our children come from means they don’t often get treated to special outings, so it means a lot to them.Read More

Snack Dance

fundraising danceWe are have a fundraising Snack Dance again! We have held this event for a couple of years now and it’s a fun way to bring in some much-needed funds for our Children’s Home, so please won’t you mark the date in your diary and on your calendar and come and join us.

Why don’t you get a group together? If you have 10 or more people in a group you can reserve a table, so think about who you can invite to come along.Read More

A Birthday at Christine Revell Children’s Home

Birthday party at Christine Revell Childrens home

Velma Bedderson in birthday colours

Velma Bedderson from Plumstead celebrated her 40th Birthday on Saturday with friends and family by painting the passage walls of Christine Revell Children’s Home in Athlone. Velma got involved this year through the group Arise – who volunteer their services once a month doing Saturday morning activities with the children.Read More

New Social Worker

We would like to introduce our new social worker, Shireen,  who started working on the 1st September 2011 at Christine Revell Children’s Home.

Shireen van Reenen (nee Adonis) matriculated in November 1989 from the Athlone Senior Secondary School in Cape Town. Her interest in social work motivated her to further her studies in this field and she completed her Social Work Degree in 1994 at the University of the Western Cape.Read More

Women’s Day

Women's DayWe hosted our 6th Annual Women’s Day Celebration on the 9th of August. Our theme was “Women of strength”.  The event was supported by 75 of our host parents, volunteers, staff and foster parents.

The guest speaker, Mrs Sandra Fortuin, insightfully talked about how unconditionally our volunteers and host parents love our children. She remarked how special this love is and that they surely will be blessed.

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New Opportunities

In June we sadly said good-bye to three of our staff members:

  • Sarita Sirmongpong (social worker)
  • Patricia Sias (child care worker)
  • Rowena May(child care worker)

This however has provided opportunities for 2 of our relief workers to be promoted: Zumeka Duka and Merle Jacobs have now accepted permanent positions as Child Care Workers. Rayleen Gertse has been promoted to Creche teacher in the toddler section.

Zumeka Duka, Child Care Worker

Zumeka Duka, Child Care Worker

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Mandela Day

Wow, Mandela Day was a hectic day. We would like to thank those who chose to visit the Christine Revell Children’s Home for their 67 minutes of service:

We had a group of SA Navy staff that completed their 67 minutes, or rather 4 hours, cleaning the windows on the outside of the building. It was really a great job because they came ready with their ladders and cloths – it was a great team effort. Some of the female officers also spent some time with the babies and they donated some party packets for the older group of children.

During the afternoon Brimstone Investment Corporation delivered 100 blankets for the children’s home and cuddled and played with the babies in the baby section.


Brimstone Investment Corporation staff with our babies

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Launch of our new website

This is the start of an all new era, where we can post news about our Home and the children, where you can interact with us and learn about what we do at the Christine Revell Children’s home.

We would love feedback so please contact us or leave a comment. Maybe you’ve been a volunteer or maybe would like to become one – check out our Volunteer opportunities.

If you aren’t sure how to contribute, have a look at the ways we seek Help from the public or corporates.

Volunteers at Christine Revell Children's Home