[singlepic id=303 w=320 h=240 float=right]The day turned out to be very successful with approximately 150 patrons that supported the event. The weather was superb which was a great blessing, and we were entertained by DJ Gavin who hosted a Karaoke, with the equipment being sponsored by AV Direct.

Matt Gore, the magician known as the Ginger Ninja, was sponsored by Y2A (they also sponsored the jumping castle) to keep the children entertained while mom and dad did the shopping, but even the adults were mesmerised by the Ginger Ninja’s magical skills. Further entertainment was provided by the dancers from The Dance Project.

Various stalls were hosted by:

We managed to raise just over R 40 000 from sales, donations, bazaar stalls and the auction.

Special thanks

Our donors for this event deserve a big Thank You.

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