Tyrone-Appollis-art-studioWell known artist Tyrone Appollis, born in Cape Town in 1957, has pursued his mission with relentless passion as an artist who has had to defy social circumstances to realize his creative potential.

As described by Emile Maurice:

“With Appollis, painter and community are one.  It is community he breathes, and it is community that he exhales through his work. This is the very source of his work’s compelling power, which radiates with empathy and compassion for people downtrodden and cast in the lower rungs of society. While the people in Appollis’ work are always active in the world, they are however of many shades and descriptions.”

He donated a painting to Christine Revell Children’s Home for an Auction. With the help of Paarl Rotary – who incorporated Tyrone’s painting at their Annual Prestige Wine, Jewellery and Art Auction held on the 26th May 2013, the painting was sold and the R 9000 was paid into the children’s home account.

Tyrone-Appollis-paintingThe children and Management of our home wish to extend a heartfelt thanks to Mr Appollis who has had a soft spot for Christine Revell Children’s home, as well as many other charities. He is a gem in our community, a stalwart and an inspiration to the young artists from all over Cape Town as he encourages them to follow their dreams.

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