“In terms of how it made us feel to be a part of your community for a couple of hours over our weekend – it was refreshing, and definitely a reminder of the need for us to appreciate the small things that life has to offer and how invaluable relationships are.

Many of the candidate-fellows who attended the session were particularly overwhelmed when it came to the babies. Recognising that at such a young age they do not have what we take for granted at times, the comfort of the soft touch of our parents. That affection that is so desperately needed at a young age. I personally struggled with this because I come from such a close knit family.


Further, the candidate-fellows also appreciated the warmth with which they were received by the children and also it reminded them of two things

1) it is possible to make time to lend a helping hand

2) the greatest thing you can do for someone is simply to be present.”

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