Children's Home picnicCan you believe it, another year went by since our last Adopt-a-Child outing!

This year we went to Zonnekus Day Resort off the N7 just 30min drive out of Cape Town. All the children were allocated a host parent or  volunteer ensuring that every child got all the attention they needed.

The day started out slightly cloudy but by 10h00 in the morning the sun came out and the rest of the day groups would move from the sunshine to the shade and minutes later back into the sunshine areas again. The staff at Zonnekus were super-friendly and really welcomed us.

Some of you might know that this outing is not a fundraising drive but a project that we initiated in lieu of International Children’s Day – hence we have the Adopt-a-Child outing in November every year.

Special thanks to all the host families and volunteers and staff who spent this day with us. The children had a wonderful day and came home very tired but happy.

Children's Home picnic under the trees

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