Bergrivier Outing 2009

Every year we have an ‘ADOPT-A-CHILD’ day outing where each one of our children is ‘adopted’ by either a family or adult volunteer for that entire day.

The ‘adopted‘ child is under your care and supervision for the whole day and you are responsible to arrange what ‘your‘ child needs for the day:  food, drinks and snacks and for the little ones, disposable nappies. And don’t forget the sun-tan lotion!

This year, on the 19th November, we are going to the Bergriver Resort. We travel by bus, leaving the home in the morning at 08h00 and returning in the afternoon (we leave the resort at 16h00). If you wish, you can also go in your own vehicle and then only pay for your vehicle and your entry cost to the resort.

For more details, please contact Alicia, Anneline or Carmelita at the office.

Bergrivier Outing 2009

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