Bergrivier Outing for CRCH 2011
Our outing to the Bergrivier Resort

Every year in aid of National Children’s Day we arrange an ‘Adopt-a-child‘ Day outing (read our previous article ‘Adopt-a-Child Day Outing‘).

This a day where host parents, volunteers and friends of the organisation can ‘adopt’ a child for this day and care for them as if the child were their own. This is a special day for the child as each of them feel special: they have their own ‘parent’ or own family that spends time with them and cares for them.

The parents or families that participate also benefit as they get to give something really meaningful to the child – a memory of being loved and being happy and having fun. Many find that through this process they grow in their compassion and wisdom, and that they can give something back to a community needing assistance.

We have been doing this for the last 9 years and have gone to various different places including Avalon Springs in Montague, Wiesenhof Wildpark in Stellenbosch, Ou skip Resort in Melkbosstrand, the Farmyard in Klapmuts, Okkie Jooste Cultural Centre and the Berg River Resort.

Spending time in the pool

Besides the benefit to the children and volunteers involved, it also give us as staff of the home the opportunity to observe the children in a different setup. We are always present on these outings and although we recommend that the adults should be loving towards the children, naturally we exercise caution in setting boundaries.

Some comments from the volunteers:

We were awarded the opportunity to indulge in quality, bonding time with the children in a setting other than the home. Despite the scorching hot weather, the children were happy and seemed to flourish from the love and care they received.” – Independent Congregational Church, Kensington

We are blessed to have had the opportunity to spend time with the children. They are disciplined, friendly and adorable. Their faces remain in our memories as our growing love for them is engraved in our hearts” – Danusha Thomas

Happiness is...

Many thanks for the opportunity to be part of the outing on Saturday, we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and would love to be part of this (and any other similar initiatives) you run.” – Liesl Matthews

Dankie ek het die dag baie geniet en was nogal moeg teen Saterdagaand.” – Maryka Vermaak (Waterfront Rotarian)

On the picnic blanket

The little girl assigned to me was ‘Miss C’– a really delightful little girl. Though she started out the day rather quietly, she became more and more engaged in all the activities and appeared to have the time of her life! What really impressed me was how responsive and well-behaved she was – curious about everything. Though she didn’t talk a great deal she was very active, especially in the pool where she stayed till she was cold – emerging just to be wrapped up warmly and sit quietly in my lap till she was ready to jump into the pool again! She was so tired by the end of the day that she fell asleep on the way home and was completely silent during her bath and being dressed for bed! It was really hard to say goodbye and walk away at the end of the day. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to engage with ‘Miss C’ for that day!” – Margie Barrie – Watefront Rotarian

Saturday was such a fantastic day. I felt so immensely privileged to be there with the children. To see the happiness of their faces was priceless” – M.Sloggett

The pool was very popular
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