leaking-pipeOn Monday 15 April 2013 one of our staff members came into the office to inform us that something very peculiar was happening in the laundry!

Water was seeping through the side of one of the pillars and also the tiles on the floor. After continuous mopping up and drying the floors whole day, we finally got a plumber to come and investigate the problem. The insurance assessor also came to assess the damage as we would have to claim the costs of the repairs.

A leakage was found in one of the pipes under the ground. This meant having to break through the tiles and floor to get to the pipe, and after some loud knocking, banging and drilling the problem was finally solved – the leaky pipe was leaking no more!

Now we were left with a rather large hole though, so the next step was filling this up. We were rather worried about our staff or anyone falling into the hole and having to deal with further claims for injuries. Luckily only 4 of the floor tiles had to be replaced.

Leak fixed. Hole fixed. Problem gone.

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