Stichting tot Steun Christine Revell Children’s Home Trust kindly donated funds to CRCH to replace our old and broken washing machine. The old machine’s parts were very difficult to obtain locally and, in the past when it needed a part, we had to wait up to a month before it could be fixed. Thankfully we are happy to report that, thanks to all their donors and fundraising drives, Stichting tot Steun Trust raised enough funds to cover the cost of a brand new machine.

Washing machine donation

This will save us so much time as it has better cycle options: a medium spinning rotation means that the clothes will be dryer on this spin cycle and thereby enable the washing to dry quicker. What all this means is that on days that we can’t hang the clothes outside to dry and we have to use the dryer, it would take less time to dry, thus saving us on costs on electricity, which is one of our major expenses.

The sponsorship covered not only the cost of the new machine, but also the transport and installation, removal of the old machine and the tiling around the machine.

A huge special thanks to all the members of the Stichting tot Steun Trust and the patrons who so graciously donate and support their functions – we are thankful for your contribution because without your support and commitment, this would not have been possible.

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