Women’s Day 2018

I matter, you matter, and we all matter – in our denim and diamonds Christine Revell Children’s home – Women’s Day 2018 honoured the women who volunteer their services at the home – We honoured approx 80 quests on Saturday, 11th August 2018. The Tsogo Sun Cullinan sponsored the breakfast for these women and we are extremely grateful for their …

Children’s rooms beautified

Tia, Tammy and her mom took on the challenge to beautify the bedrooms of the children as part of a school project. Special thanks to Tia and her family for making the children feel special.

Special time for babies

Special time for babies, supported by members from the community. Babies are really thriving. Thank you ladies.

Heideveld School Outreach

Heideveld school outreach. The learners from the neighboring school collected food items and donated it to our home. Special thanks to all the learners and teachers who supported this initiative. It is much appreciated. A few of the matriculates dropped off the donation today. 

10 Years Service Award

Zameka Duka and Gloria Makalima both received their 10 years service award in July and August respectively.  

Magic of Madiba

“What counts in Life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others. That will determine the significance of the Life we lead. “ Nelson Mandela – add quote from Madiba and a picture of him with the pictures I will send on some interaction pictures of that …