A Sad Goodbye

Little baby Alondwe was admitted to us in October 2012. She has now been reunited with her biological family and is going to stay with her grandmother and mother in Port Elizabeth.

Barney Visits Our Home

[singlepic id=313 w=320 h=240 float=right]On Friday the 19th of April we had a very special visitor at Christine Revell Children’s Home – our children had the opportunity to meet Barney the Dinosaur in our own courtyard.

A Peculiar Leak

On Monday 15 April 2013 one of our staff members came into the office to inform us that something very peculiar was happening in the laundry! Water was seeping through the side of one of the pillars and also the tiles on the floor.¬†After continuous mopping up and drying the floors whole day, we finally got a plumber to come …

Fly Screens for our Kitchen

Corner Star Fly Screens came to Christine Revell Children’s Home in April to donate their services as well as product last week. They installed a screen to our existing kitchen gate and also to the windows in the kitchen to minimise the occurrence of flies in this area. It is very important to us to make our kitchen a cleaner …

Bazaar Feedback

[singlepic id=303 w=320 h=240 float=right]The day turned out to be very successful with approximately 150 patrons that supported the event. The weather was superb which was a great blessing, and we were entertained by DJ Gavin who hosted a Karaoke, with the equipment being sponsored by AV Direct. Matt Gore, the magician known as the Ginger Ninja, was sponsored by …