The Claremont Skin, Body & Health Renewal Team took the lead in choosing the Cape Region 2014 Corporate Social Initiative. They chose to assist Christine Revell Children’s Home!

Cape Region 2014 Corporate Social Initiative

Cooking Team: made a wholesome breakfast for the staff, then lunch, snacks and dinner for the children: Cottage Pie & Butternut.

Cleaning Team: set about to repack & deep clean general areas in addition to the children’s cupboards, bathrooms and play areas.

Gardening Team: did extensive weeding, pruning, and created a fresh vegetable patch. The back garden was cleaned and replanted with vibrant and colorful plants and flowers and they were able to trim the long grass by means of a donated weedeater.

Children’s Entertainment Team: Education Games, Jumping Castles, Face Painting and Cookie decoration activities were set-up to entertain the kids for afternoon play-time.

Painting Team: set about scraping off old paint in the jungle gyms and fence. These were then repainted and paint donations left at the Home for future touch-ups.

Cape Region 2014 Corporate Social Initiative

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